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NAK oil seal

Over 40 years of experience, NAK has amassed a substantial collection of Oil Seals with more than a 100,000 items being widely used in various applications. Please contact info@sealtech.vn for more information!

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Hỗ trợ trực tuyến

ĐT: 0949 265 720
Email: info@sealtech.vn

Ms. Nhi
ĐT: 0913 914 018
Email: nhi.nguyen@sealtech.vn

Mr. Long
ĐT: 0918 834 615
Email: long.nguyen@sealtech.vn


CN Mỹ Xuân - BRVT

Mr. Thịnh (CN BR-VT)

ĐT: 0984 80 70 71

Email: thinh.nt@sealtech.vn


Đăng ký email
DH-03 50x58x5/6.5 OIL SEAL NBR 22.23X33.35X6.35 PTFE BEARING TAPE BRONZE - 12. O-ring 336.00*3.50mm OIL SEAL NBR 11.13X22.23X6.35 Keo Silicone Apollo Sealant A3 OIL SEAL NBR 17.48X28.58X7.95 OIL SEAL NBR 250X280X16 SA 108530 OIL SEAL NBR 31.75X50.8X9.53 T OIL SEAL NBR 44.45X61.93X7.95 101832 DH-05 143x151x5/7 OIL SEAL NBR 15.88X34.92X6.35 114013 OIL SEAL NBR 31.75X47.63X6.35 PTFE BEARING TAPE BRONZE - 30x 11BQ30 OIL SEAL NBR 98.43X136.53X12.7 OIL SEAL NBR 47.63X69.85X12.7 OIL SEAL NBR 25.4X44.45X9.52 T OIL SEAL NBR 15.88X28.58X6.35 OIL SEAL NBR 23.83X41.28X7.95 oil seal NOK OIL SEAL NBR 28.58X38.1X6.35 T V-ring Forsheda O-ring 335.00*3.50mm PTFE BEARING TAPE BRONZE - 35x OIL SEAL NBR 31.75X57.15X6.35 keo silicone masters MA200 OIL SEAL NBR 73.02X92.07X9.52 OIL SEAL NBR 31.75X44.45X9.53 X-ring 308.37x5.33 OIL SEAL NBR 65X100X12 TC OIL SEAL NBR 42.88X55.58X4.78 PTFE BEARING TAPE BRONZE - 25x OIL SEAL NBR 47.63X68.28X9.53 keo silicone masters MA500 OIL SEAL NBR 30.18X42.88X9.53 PTFE BEARING TAPE BRONZE - 9.7 V-ring SKF OIL SEAL NBR 39.7X53.97X9.53 T OIL SEAL NBR 20.65X38.1X6.35 S OIL SEAL NBR 20X30X5 TC phớt chặn bụi OIL SEAL NBR 30.18X47.63X7.95 Keo Silicone Apollo Sealant A5 OIL SEAL NBR 53.98X69.85X9.53 OIL SEAL NBR 31.75X55.58X11.13 Phốt dầu NOK O-ring PTFE BEARING TAPE BRONZE - 20x Keo Silicone Apollo Sealant A6 OIL SEAL NBR 203.2X241.3X12.7 OIL SEAL NBR 41.28X60.33X9.53 oring 11BQ28 OIL SEAL NBR 28.58X52.4X11.51 104960 OIL SEAL NBR 47.63X66.68X7.95 V-ring seals Dây tết chèn OIL SEAL NBR 17.48X28.58X6.35 OIL SEAL NBR 32X55X9 TC OIL SEAL NBR 17X24X5 SC X-ring 120.02x6.99 OIL SEAL NBR 28.58X41.28X9.53 VALFLON Envelope Gasket PTFE BEARING TAPE BRONZE - 15x Keo Silicone Apollo Sealant A2 OIL SEAL NBR 22.23X34.93X6.35 keo silicone masters MA600 PTFE BEARING TAPE BRONZE - 4.2 PTFE BEARING TAPE BRONZE - 8.1 196118 PTFE BEARING TAPE BRONZE - 6.3 Keo Silicone Apollo Sealant A1 PTFE BEARING TAPE BRONZE - 5.7 OIL SEAL NBR 35X55X7 TC OIL SEAL NBR 114.3X139.7X12.7 OIL SEAL NBR 12.7X28.58X6.35 T OIL SEAL NBR 95.25X120.65X12.7 UN 125x140x13/14 OIL SEAL NBR 28.58X52.4X9.53 S gasket valqua keo silicone masters MA300 PTFE BEARING TAPE BRONZE - 12x OIL SEAL NBR 31.75X53.97X6.35 UN 125x140x12/13

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